Natural Healthy Foods

Cassanutriment Mixed Grain flour is a highly nutritional dense product containing the following substances which have immense health benefits.


Fresh From Our Farm

Possesses a high level of anti-inflammatory substances that improves overall body health.


100% Natural Organic

It contains an immensely high level of proteins, vitamin E, and dietary fibre which helps in weight loss, and provides anti-oxidant support that helps to eradicate the potential effects of free radicals which can cause cancer.


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About CassaNutriment

Comparing the eating culture of most countries to what should be obtainable, we discovered some differences in the dietary system. A good meal should have varieties of vegetables, edible seeds, roots and root tubers, fruits, grains, meat and fishes, seaweeds, mushrooms, and eggs. It was this consideration that gave rise to the research on how to produce a superfood that incorporates vegetables, seeds grains roots and root tubers, etc, which will be fortified with all types of food and then fit into our eating culture so that at a meal table, though single-food, one will obtain the same result as


Product Components: Moringa

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Product Components: EDIBLE SEEDS

Why Seeds? Seeds are rich in nutrients and have many health benefits. These small but

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Product Components: Yellow cassava

Yellow cassava is an excellent source of -carotene and energy and it is known to

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Product Components: BREAD FRUIT

As a Food Source This extremely versatile fruit can be prepared and eaten in all

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