About CassaNutriment Vita

In Nigeria, most  meal majorly comprise of soup and garri, semo or fufu, rice and stew, yam and oil, etc. That is the stomach being almost filled with one type of food on continual basis, from day to day, month to month and year to year.

It was in this consideration that gave rise to the research on how to produce a super food that incorporates vegetables, seeds grains roots and root tubers, etc, which will be fortified with all types of food and then fit into our eating culture… so that at a meal table, though single-food, one will obtain the same result as though eaten multiple or different types of meal.

CassaNutriment Vita intake boosts energy level, improves digestion, improves immune system function, Moderates blood pressure, improves visions, improves skin smoothness, improves hair health and growth.

CassaNutriment Vita also Provides antioxidant support to help eradicate the potential harmful effect of free radicals, which can accelerate the progression of cancer and cardiovascular diseases CassaNutriment Vita is a good source for energy and fibre